Run Coaching by Energy Fitness Running

With our team of Accredited Level 2 Running Coaches and Running-specific Sports Physiotherapists, we provide:

  • Complete training program including stability exercises and cross-training
  • A personalised approach to your training – everyone has different goals, abilities and commitments – we work with you to get the best results while still allowing you family and recovery time.
  • Race Specific Training. Our experienced coaches know how to train you for specific terrains and focus on the many technical aspects of running, especially if you are a trail runner. We know (through experience) or make it our business to know, all about the races you are training for.
  • Race Specific Coaches – we allocate the best coach for you based on your goals and their experience.
  • Online and app-based training management software
  • Member-only articles on technical aspects of running
  • Race-specific advice on hydration/nutrition, gear and taper/recovery

Weekly Run & Strength Session

Winter Timetable 2018


6.00-6.45am – Cardio/Strength Cross Training – various sessions each week. Running-based cross training session.

8.45am-9.45am – refer to Timetable for session type


5.45-6.45am – Strength Training – varied sessions each week

6.30-7.30pm – Beginners Run Club


6-6.45am – Energy Express Run Club – Suitable for all levels

6.30-7.30pm – Strength Training


5.30-7am Intermediate/Advanced Run Club

7.15pm-8.15pm  – Yoga


5.45am-6.45am Strength Training

8.45-9.45am – Refer to Timetable for session type


6.00am Cross Training or Race Specific Run Sessions

7.15am Yoga

COST: Weekly subscription of $39.00pw for unlimited sessions or single session $19.90pw. To sign up and receive your first week free, click here.

Race Specific Training Runs on weekends are available to non-members – $25 per session.

NB – Timetable is subject to change so check out our Calendar link below.

Online Run Coaching

Looking to improve your performance or have an upcoming event? Our Online Coaching will tailor a program to your specific needs, not provide you with a generic program off the internet.

Why do Online Coaching with us?

We know your goals, so we’re always working towards those. No junk miles, no generic sessions. Only sessions with direct results, timed to perfection.

We know your injury history, so we know where you’re vulnerable. Better still, we know which sessions are most likely to break you and we know the warning signs to look out for.

We know your schedule, and we know life is complicated at times. You tell us how long you can train for each day and we’ll make it happen. Sudden change? No problems. We can rework your program on the fly. Shift worker? Yep, we can even work with constantly changing rosters.

Energy Fitness Online Coaching works with you on a personal level to achieve your goals. Weekly tailored programming will ensure that you are ready to stand on the start line for your next event.

As well as our Online Coaching, we also offer practical weekly run sessions for all abilities. From beginner runners to elite level, road or trail, plus kids having fun out on the trails, we offer it all. See above for details.

Cost: Weekly Run and Strength Program $20 per week on subscription.

We email you weekly and update your program on Training Peaks after a discussion on how your previous week went. We tailor your weekly sessions and strength training around your life to get you to your goal!

If you are a runner you need Strength – that’s not negotiable. So see our full Outdoor Fitness timetable that compliments our runners programs and helps everyone to stay lean and injury free.

See our Timetable for weekly sessions here.

The Energy Fitness Strava Club – see our latest activities


Some of the spectacular locations that we train and race in

1 Training Peaks

Training Peaks is a running training app. View user guide here.

“I started the year not being able to run more than 15min because of a long-lasting knee injury.

9 months later I’ve run my first ever Marathon (Sydney) and a multi day trail race (Run Larapinta, NT) with results way beyond my hopes.

With Pete as my physio and Simone as my running coach, I felt I was being supported just like a professional runner!

Pete has an incredible energy, passion and professionalism along with amazing running track records.

Simone has an incredible energy, passion and professionalism along with amazing running track records.

I’m not repeating myself, those guys are just the dream team!

I’d recommend Pete and Simone to all runners, on or off-road, with any running background and ambition.”

Benjamin Billy, Manly, NSW

Benjamin Billy