Energy Fitness has been established since 2006, and has been helping people of the Shire discover the enjoyment of fitness.

Since then the business has grown to employ 4 new trainers, and has helped hundreds of people achieve fitness and performance goals.

We have helped our clients lose and maintain weight through structured and scientifically based programs, we’ve improved people’s confidence to tackle new activities, we’ve given clients a sense of achievement and accomplishment and a love of exercise and all it can bring to a healthy and energetic life. Clients have entered and completed events which they never thought possible. We have nurtured our athletes to success through our Energy Fitness Online Run Coaching Program, and now we have introduced Yoga into the mix to offer an even more rounded and holistic program.

Our Team consists of Simone Hayes, Peter Colagiuri, Elissa Mayo, Joanne Gates and Melina Bonfini. Found out more about your trainers here.

Energy Fitness offers clients a complete health and fitness package. Together we now offer you more sessions, more trainers, UNLIMITED CLASSES and more – all in the one price weekly subscription. We also have a single class subscription available for those that have other commitments but still would like to attend one of our sessions per week. There are no contracts, you can stop at any time, however our guys have been with us for years for a reason, we’d like you to find out why.

Come and trial our classes for one week (bring a friend and get two weeks each!)  and we know you will love it. To sign up now, click here. You won’t be charged until your trial period has ended.

Based in Gymea but also using various locations in the Sutherland Shire, Energy Fitness offers daily sessions catering to all fitness levels with a variety of choices to stop you from getting bored!  No two classes are ever the same! We ultilise the beautiful locations that the Sutherland Shire has to offer. There is no better place in the world to be outdoors exercising!

Group Fitness Classes each week offer a wide variety of Cross Training so that you are never bored and you get the best results. No two classes are ever the same!

Yoga is now on the Timetable weekly, with our amazing yoga Instructors Joanne Gates and Melina Bonfini. Jo brings many years of experience in both her own practice and teaching, and we are thrilled to have her on board. She is well loved by all of our clients. Melina brings a lovely chill factor to all classes, leaving you felling totally relaxed when finished!

If you are after Personal Training, Simone also offers one-on-one sessions, or you can train with a friend or small private group. Contact Simone for pricing.

Want to improve your running, or just start running? Want that elusive PB? Would you like to try your hand at Trail Running? Energy Fitness Running and Online Coaching can help you get the results you are after, and make you a strong and injury free runner. See here for more information.

So what are you waiting for? Get off the couch, lace up your shoes, and take that first step. Once you have you won’t look back! Try our program for free for a week (2 weeks if you bring a friend!)

The team at Energy Fitness create a low key friendly and social environment, encouraging participation in various events over the year to give clients goals to work towards and also a reason to train. The social aspect of Energy Fitness is fantastic, and the support offered by our trainers and fellow training buddies makes this group unique. It doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness or have been at it all your life – you will fit in here and be pushed according to your capability.

If you need help with Nutrition and Diet, Energy Fitness is always providing you with information on new and healthy foods, expelling myths and fads, and giving you great recipes to take the ‘thinking’ out of healthy eating. Simone wants it to be easy for you and will help in any way she can. One-on-one Nutritional Sessions are also available to get you started in the right direction, as losing weight can be hard – there’s no two ways about it. We also work closely with nutritionists and physios to give you well rounded and professional advice.

We have regular challenge programs to spark things up and make it all a bit fun throughout the year!

So if you have been thinking that you’d like to get off the couch and that it’s about time to focus on your long term health, make your way up to a class. Energy Fitness offers a whole long-term lifestyle approach to fitness and living well – not quick fixes.

The first week is on us – (2 weeks each if you bring a friend). Once you lace up your shoes for the first time and make the effort to be there – there will be no turning back! The first step is always the hardest!

Our Classes

LEAN & MEAN – Weights (dumbbells) and cardio. A mixed class combining both strength and high intensity burst of cardio

STRENGTH & CORE – Weights focusing on stability and core exercise. No running

SMASH/CIRCUIT – cross training in a circuit format with a variety of equipment.

RESISTANCE BANDS (CARDIO/BANDS) – cardio based class but incorporating resistance bands to add some strength training. Usually we leave the oval and venture out and about the area, bush reserves, parks etc.

EXPRESS RUN CLUB – 45min session suitable for all levels. Warm up with 20-25 of interval type training, mix of hills, stairs, or flat intervals. Good for anyone wanting a short cardio hit.

TWILIGHT RUN CLUB – An easy paced evening trail run, under headlight when needed. A beautiful way to end the day. All levels. Very Cool!

ENERGY RUN CLUB – 90min session for intermediate to advanced runners.

BUSH RUN – 60min easy paced trail run

BOXING – boxing for fitness, good all rounder

YOGA – time to chill and work on your strength, balance and flexibility

KICKBOXING – boxing using kickshields. More legs involved in this class but still get your boxing fix.

BEACHFIT – sand based training in the sandhills and beach at Greenhills Beach Cronulla. A high intensity, low impact class in a top spot! (Spring & Summer only)


We know that most of what you can do is mental – your mind controls your body and if you are positive, focused and determined, you can achieve anything. Don’t be limited by a negative mental state. You don’t need to run Ultra-marathons to achieve something exceptional. Anything new that you work hard for and achieve is EXCEPTIONAL! Our team wants you to try your best – that’s all we ask. Our encouragement and guidance will prove you can can do anything you put your mind to!

YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FIT TO START! That’s what you pay us for! Let us guide you to improved fitness safely in a supportive environment.

Exercise and health is for life, not for 10 weeks. Achieve things that may never have been on your radar, or things that you have thought you weren’t capable of. Over the 13 years Energy Fitness has been operating, we have been fortunate enough to witness some amazing achievements by our clients who are all ages, shapes and sizes. We are constantly inspired by what they can do once they put their minds to it. But more importantly they have learned how to look after themselves to remain fit for life.

If you have been wanting to finally get fit, lose the weight that has been dragging you down, or want to try something new, more challenging, and get out of your comfort zone, Energy Fitness lead by Simone Hayes will help you. You will not find a more dedicated and passionate trainer and team.

Meet your Trainers here.